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Cherries In The News
Looking for Fitness in a Glass of Juice

Many Olympians competing in London are juiced - though not in the colloquial sense that someone is doping. Instead, the most popular juice these athletes are drinking is tart cherry juice. Growing numbers of elite athletes are turning to these natural beverages... Read more


Words of Encouragement

We are delighted you are here to visit our website. We value you as a partner in seeking natural solutions to healthy living and glad to have you in our store as our guest.

You are probably here because of all the great stories you have heard about tart cherry products. Perhaps you came here to learn more about how tart cherry products may directly affect the quality of your life and well-being.

Tart cherries have been grown in Michigan for over 100 years and have not killed a single person over the years... It is safe, effective and free from dangerous side effects.

We know you are a smart, well informed health conscious consumer so you can do your own research and draw your own conclusions regarding disease prevention and healthy living. As Science continues to figure out why daily consumption of tart cherry juice may provide health benefits, you need to do all you can to take care of yourself.

Educate yourself. Read extensively on and off the internet. Your body is yours; look after it. Continue to Enjoy the Vibrant Health that You Deserve with the help of CherryJuicePower.

32oz cherry juice bottle

CherryJuicePower, 100% Montmorency
Tart Cherry Juice
Improve your quality of life and well being.

Cherish the Cherry. Drink to Your Health.

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32oz cherry juice capsule

Tart Cherry Capsules
Are you traveling and cannot take the juice with you? Now you can take the capsules with you.

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World Masters Games

"Last year I started to compete in Masters Track and..." Read more